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In most refining conversion units, such as delayed coker and others, unscheduled shutdowns, high maintenance, higher fuel consumption and throughput reduction are common problems. This is mostly due to furnace tube coking, fouling and corrosion.

Ceramic coating technology minimizes formation, deposition and plugging due to coke/carbon in addition to reduction in fouling, corrosion and fuel usage. Use of ceramic coating in these applications leads to longer runs, incremental life cycle for equipment, reliable operations, reduced fuel consumptions and hence significant savings in OPEX and CAPEX.

Tubacoat tubes (advanced ceramic coated tubes) are a disruptive innovation technology from Tubacex Group. This new technology of silica ceramic coating has an excellent resistance to coking, erosion and corrosion at extreme conditions and high temperatures up to 800°C (1472°F) in critical refinery and petrochemical process equipment. Tubacoat tubes also minimize coke formation, deposition and plugging due to their chemical inertness in delayed coker, visbraker, vacuum distillation unit, resid hydrocracker and other refi nery unit furnaces. These benefi ts improve unit run lengths, unit reliability, heat transfer effi ciency, and tubes life cycle without the same level of need for decoking,
and they increase throughput and reduce carbon footprint for both new and aging plant equipment.

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