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+34 946 719 300 tubacoat@tubacoat.com

Innovative solutions
based on high performance coatings

Tubacoat S.L., is a subsidiary company of the Tubacex Group devoted to engineering and industrial development of customized innovative coatings applied to long steel and nickel alloy products providing longer life cycle to the refining petrochemical processing units.

Tubacoat coated products are commercially proven, and provide long term reliable solutions to applications under severe working conditions and extreme environments.

In-house developed industrial process allows the application of thin tailor made coatings on steel tubes, bars or open profiles that result in value-added products with outstanding corrosion resistance in different media and thermal conditions, high abrasion resistance, anti-adherent and anti-fouling properties, and improved mechanical hardness.

Tubacoat offers efficient and environmental friendly solutions to meet customer needs, protecting valuable assets from corrosion, abrasion and other forms of structural degradation, increasing the service life of critical components and minimizing operation and maintenance costs over the investment lifetime.

Tailor made approach